English Levels

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Agents English broken down into A, B, and C levels.  Program and client determine which is optimal for a specific program.

A+ Level

We classify applicants as A+ when they are Native Speakers, meaning people who were born or have lived in the United States without any particular accent detected. With Native Speakers, there will be no Colloquial language used. Good vocabulary (intense words) will be used to express ideas, eloquent grammar will be used to communicate effectively, and also the applicant will have clear pronunciation and inflection; appropriate expressions will be used to enhance communication.

A Level

An accent will be detected but will not detract from overall speech. He/she will use a few colloquial expressions (2-3) and may encounter 1-2 minor difficulties that arise from not using appropriate vocabulary. Applicant will have good fluency and clarity when speaking.

B+ Level

Applicant will have moderate accent and will also encounter certain difficulties that will arise due to limited vocabulary and / or bad diction. He/she will have minor communication problems due to unclear pronunciation and/or lack of inflection and/or expression and/or will have some mispronounced words.

B Level

Applicant will encounter syntax problems since inappropriate grammar will be used to communicate; pronunciation and inflection will not be very clear and appropriate expressions will not be used to enhance communication. He/she will fail to respond some questions and acknowledge some statements resulting in fair listening comprehension.

C+ Level

Accent will be heavy, causing difficulty with communication and understanding by listeners. Due to limited vocabulary, communication will begin to break down. Answers given when speaking will not be related to some of the questions that are being asked. There will be faulty grammar leading to breakdowns in communication. Applicant will mispronounce 40-50% of the words spoken.

C Level

Accent will be so heavy that the applicant will be asked to repeat him/herself 3 to 4 times when speaking. Most ideas expressed will be unclear and 50-60% of the communications will not be able to be understood due to faulty grammar. He/she will mispronounce 50-60% of the words spoken.

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