Our Mission:

To provide cost effective near shore solutions that make business sense.

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Our Vision:

"For F4 Center to be the premier near shore business solution."

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Our Values:

As a company and as individuals we value Loyalty, Integrity, Honesty, Flexibility and Commitment.

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Team, F4 has been monitoring developments with COVID-19 (CoronaVirus). When responding to an infectious disease, our company closely follows the recommendations made by the Costa Rica Government and Health Departments. We have also been monitoring and following guidance from the Centers for Disease Control. Based on what we are seeing and to demonstrate our support of social distancing and the reducing the spread of the Corona Virus F4 will be closing the physical offices at the end of shift on Wednesday evening March 25, 2020 until the global crisis has passed. For those of you working from home this will not impact you. Please log in at your scheduled time, and continue to give world class support to our Clients. For those of you that do not have the ability to work from at the moment we will be coming around to speak with you personally.  You should know that the company will continue to monitor this situation. Our first priority is the safety and health of everyone in theF4 Family. We will update employees with any new information that becomes available. When the danger has passed we have every intention of resuming business at the center.  Please take precautions. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe. If you have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact us at covid19@f4callcenter.net.  For the work at home employees, if you have any IT or systems related problems send a ticket to helpdesk@f4callcenter.net. For job related issues please contact you supervisor.

Why Costa Rica?

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Our location

We are located in a very convenient and easily accessible place.

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Why Choose F4?

We have over 16 years of proven experience managing, outsourcing and providing call center and business solutions.

  • Advanced technology and infrastructure is used to service our clients.

  • Effective communication, the understanding of social media, networking in the industry and our strong ethic on doing business the right way.

  • Customer satisfaction.

  • We personalize our training based on the customer’s need and business vision. 

  • PCI Compliant for Credit Card Transactions

Our Location

We are located in a very convenient and easily accessible place.

We are located in a very convenient and easily accessible place for employees from anywhere in the San Jose Metropolitan Area, and away from all other call centers and free trade zones. We have strategically positioned the call center near several higher education facilities (universities and technical schools). Utilizing untouched talent pools from Tres Rios, Curridabat, and Cartago. 2 hour round trip drive to work in Call Centers currently located in Free Zones.

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Added Value

  • Direct access to a national highway

  • Public transportation readily available

  • Multiple access points to the project

  • Near important population centers with high levels of development

  • A short distance from a university cluster

  • Attractive buildings and public spaces

  • Security and life safety systems for occupants

  • Technological and telecommunications benefits

  • Highly flexible floor plan

  • Possibility of expansion

Our Clients

Some of our valuable clients are mentioned below.

Bank Rate Insurance

Services for this c lient including; Lead Generation, Warm Transfer, Insurance Agend Credit Verifaciton. 

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Nutech Technical Solutions

Inbound over night, weekend, and holiday technical support on behalf of Nutech Technical Solutions

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Education Solutions

Services for this client including; Lead Generation, Quality Control Verification and more. Click to learn more.

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